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Card Count collect/keep/trade: 1359
masters: 2640
3999/4000 to level 17
3801-4000 16 4001-4200 17 4201-4400 18 4401-4600 19 4601-4800 20 4801-5000 21
X 27
March 19, March 26, April 02, 2016
puzzle: artbookfive16, daisy03, heaven20, rainbows14
puzzle: cherry09, moonkitties09, pillar17, rainyday14
puzzle: guardians19, soldiersone09, sunsetbeach11, umbrella09
slots: bicycle03, bikeride19, honeymoon12, kimono12, 1 choice coupon
slots: moonkitties03, sweetheart05, teamone13, christmas17, 1 choice coupon
slots: designer04, guardians06, kinmoku06, ocean19, 1 choice coupon
memory: sunflower12, firefly09, weareeternal15
memory: bubbles19, soldiersone03, sweetcake11
memory: nude14, courttwo04, rose15
jigsaw: allure17, bunny07, crystals11, rainbows02
jigsaw: bicycle14, jeweled16, mystery03, outers16
jigsaw: casablanca07, crystals12, orchids14, threelights11
war: fruit06, future20
war: festival06, bluemoon14
war: sweetcake02, lilies12
pickpocket: artbookone02, holdme19, tinymoon03
pickpocket: crystals05, fruit06, tensoldiers12
pickpocket: fatedromance05, sixsoldiers06
hangman: fatedromance20, dance02, original14
hangman: chainoflove20, dreaming05, double18
hangman: pillar11, time05, outers02
wheel (green): jeweled15, inners15, umbrella13
wheel (red): sixsoldiers01, united09
wheel (green): sacrifice07, artbookfour06, teamposes16
lucky match: angelicouters04, cupid05, nude04, 1 choice coupon
lucky match: double15, evilqueen19, chainoflove15, 1 choice coupon
lucky match: teamone13, standtall03, artbookfour12, 1 choice coupon
blackjack: aquamaiden16, covergirls06, kissme10
blackjack: grail01, windblown10, fatedromance18
blackjack: barefoot03, family07, bikeride05
number guess: designer02, shadesofred14
number guess: ocean18, fruit06
number guess: sweetcake12, eternalouters18
tic-tac-toe: naptime14, grail20, honeymoon18
tic-tac-toe: time09, angelicouters09, standtall03
tic-tac-toe: future03, chrysanthemum02, naptime20
freebies: outers01, whitepetals07, sugar07, 1 choice coupon
freebies: dreaming05, sweetcake14, family12, 1 choice coupon
freebies: kinmoku09, pillar05, desert17, 1 choice coupon

March 12/2016
puzzle: courtone15, elysion16, sweetpea11, teamtwo20
slots: bluemoon12, circle17, orchids16, powerful01, 1 choice coupon
memory: pillar18, swimsuits20, artbookfour18
jigsaw: circle03, ladyluna16, miko13, rainyday09
war: dance12, weareeternal09
pickpocket: dreaming16, miko07, talismans15
hangman: time05, blacklady16, daisy09
wheel (green): intherain16, eternalinners02, artbookone16
lucky match: double01, bikeride08, elysion06, 1 choice coupon
blackjack: sunsetbeach16, fatedromance07, covergirls09
number guess: powerful13, eternalouters17
tic-tac-toe: double20, outers11, fatedromance14
freebies: swimsuits01, lilies20, cherry12, 1 choice coupon
level up 11-12: covergirls12, crown02, daisy11, sunflower20, sweetlove05, sweetlove09, umbrella13, 2 choice coupons
level up 12-13: angelicinners20, angelicouters17, artbookfour12, barefoot05, bicycle09, holdme11, ribbons09, 2 choice coupons
level up 13-14: dreaming20, infinity11, shadesofred18, winged13, artbookfive03, artbookfive17, elysion19, 2 choice coupons
level up 14-15: barefoot13, daisy14, dreaming02, festival12, pinkmoon09, sweetlove11, winged19, 2 choice coupons
level up 15-16: angelicinners15, daisy10, family14, future02, heaven06, ribbons10, tattoo20, 2 choice coupons

March 06, 2016
hangman: heartoffire18, thundergoddess07, hotpink18
wheel (violet): 2 choice coupons
lucky match: mystery02, artbookfour14, outers04, 1 choice coupon
blackjack: sixsoldiers15, violinist13, watching14
number guess: circle02, violetsky09
tic-tac-toe: whiteroses02, royalty05, transformation10
freebies: royalty14, shadesofred03, whitepetals20, 1 choice coupon
memory: violetsky18, warriors03, soldiersone18
puzzle: artbookfour12, blacklady05, petals19, takemyhand06
jigsaw: chrysanthemum13, covergirls15, cupid13, sweetheart09
war: watching12, lanterns02
pickpocket: aquamaiden04, eternalouters17, whitepetals16
slots: dreaming08, soldiersone07, standtall17, water03, 1 choice coupon

Collect 77

allure to aquamaiden

allure 11/20

angelicinners 14/20

angelicouters 8/20

aquamaiden 5/20

artbookone to artbookfive

artbookone 7/20

artbooktwo 9/20

artbookthree 9/20

artbookfour 11/20

artbookfive 7/20

Keep 1190

B1 cards 27
barefoot, bicycle, bikeride
B2 cards 33
blacklady, bluemoon, bubbles
B3 cards 8
C1 cards 28
caged, casablanca, catnap
C2 cards 29
chainoflove, cherry, christmas
C3 cards 29
chrysanthemum, circle, colorful
C4 cards 24
cosmos, courtone, courttwo
C5 cards 23
covergirls, crayon, crescent
C6 cards 26
crown, crystals, cupid
D1 cards 31
daisy, dance, desert
D2 cards 25
designer, destruction, double
D3 cards 11
E1 cards 23
elegance, elysion, eternalinners
E2 cards 23
eternal outers, evil queen
F1 cards 29
family, fatedromance, festival
F2 cards 24
firefly, fruit, future
G1 cards 29
garnet, gerbera, goodfriends
G2 cards 18
grail, guardians
H1 cards 26
heartoffire, heaven, holdme
H2 cards 15
honeymoon, hot pink
I cards 27
infinity, inners, intherain
J cards 16
jeweled, justice
K cards 28
kimono, kinmouku, kiss me
L1 cards 24
ladyluna, ladyofflame, lanterns
L2 cards 9
M cards 26
miko, moonkitties, mystery
N cards 13
nap time, nude
O1 cards 28
ocean, orchids, original
O2 cards 10
P1 cards 25
pearls, petals, pillar
P2 cards 33
pinkangels, pinkmoon, pledge
P3 cards 13
R1 cards 36
racer, rainbows, rainyday
R2 cards 35
ribbons, rose, royalty
S1 cards 40
sacrifice, shadesofred, silence
S2 cards 30
sixsoldiers, soldiersone, soldierstwo
S3 cards 26
standtall, starrider, starry
S4 cards 37
strawberry, studious, sugar
S5 cards 23
sunflower, sunsetbeach, sweetcake
S6 cards 37
sweetheart, sweetlove, sweetpea
S7 cards 11
T1 cards 32
takemyhand, talismans, tattoo
T2 cards 23
teamone, teamposes, teamtwo
T3 cards 26
tensoldiers, threelights, thundergoddess
T4 cards 25
time, tinymoon, transformation
U cards 22
umbrella, united
V cards 24
violetsky, violinist
W1 cards 35
warriors, watching, water
W2 cards 37
weareeternal, wedding, whitepetals
W3 cards 36
whiteroses, windblown, winged

Mastered decks 132/140 2640/2800

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