Site Stuffs

Card Count
Level 1 67/149
Level 2 150-299
Level 3 300-499
Level 4 500-699
Level 5 700-999
Level 6 1000-1399
Level 7 1400-1899
Level 8 1900-2399
Level 9 2400-2999
Level 10 3000+
Seeds, Coupons
Pending Trades
Hotaru: , , , for lightning10, moon16, stars01, and stars10 with member cards
Minty: for amethyst06 with member cards
Games and Trade Logs
April 22, 2016
Starter Pack: stars13, stars07, stars04, moon07, armadillos10, amethyst15, amethyst11, coral16, grandcanyon19, meadows16, cherries07, cf-ecoli01, cf-fireants10
Crestfallen Exchange: cf-ecoli01, cf-ecoli02, cf-fireants04, cf-fireants06, cf-fireants10, cf-piranhas07 for cherries05, hummingbirds06, moon10, bears11, stars04, rubies04
weekly games
Freebies: ametrine14, snowflakes17, cherries06, 1 Seed
Higher or Lower: emperorpenguins11, cf-fireants04, pearls10
Card Claim 1: lilies05, lilies20
card Puzzle: lightning07, silver02, pumpkins05
Slots: pumpkins16, botodolphins10
Deck Vote: meadows01, pumpkins02, silver13, beaches12
Melting Pot: Traded cherries07 for tornadoes06
Biweekly games
Hangman: cf-piranhas07, agate17, grandcanyon18, pinklake10, 1 Seed
Hard Slots: sapphires14, emperorpenguins05, volcanoes19, rubies01
Lotto: pumpkins06, coral19, ametrine18, 1 Seed
Memory: cf-ecoli02, tigers11, 1 Seed
Rainbow Wheel Orange: jade03, bears15, 2 Seeds
Member's Favorite: lightning17, wisteria17, dioptase19, 1 Seed
Puzzle Series - 1: chocolatelab14, glaciers13
Puzzle Series - 2: kiwis05, cf-fireants06
Puzzle Series - 3: agate01, amethyst03, bamboo06
Puzzle Series - 4: caves01, rubies20, snowflakes05, 1 Choice Card
Pick A Season: amethyst13, glaciers04, sapphires09
As Updated
Four Leaf Clover: ametrine20, chocolatelab13, coral14, lightning13, 1 Seed
Forum games
april forum freebies: amethyst06, bamboo13, lilies06, lilies16, owls06, wisteria01, wisteria09, wisteria13, wisteria16, tigers02
card abc1: amethyst01
card chain1: pinklake01
card match1: meadows01, pinklake10
complete the deck1: rubies01, rubies20

Collecting 13/60

Amethyst 5/20

Stars 3/20

wisteria 5/20

Keeping 22

Minerals 13
Sky 8
Decks I like 1

Trading 32

Animals 7
Earth 12
Plants 13

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